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Canine Food

The Spa Pile-Poil boutique offers you the best for your pooch by selecting natural and superior quality products, whether for a treat, a bone or its daily diet.

We have two options in store

Kibble food or raw food

PilePoil_official-aiSpa CaninPile Poil

Advantage of raw food

  • Reduction in the amount of excrement
  • Undercoat reduction
  • Shinier coat
  • Improved oral hygiene whether for breath or teeth
  • Less itching due to reduced carbs in recipes
  • Stronger immune and muscle system thanks to good quality protein

PilePoil_official-aiSpa CaninPile Poil

Disadvantages of raw food

  • Wash surfaces such as bowls after each use
  • Chewing bones could damage teeth

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