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Grooming service

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Dog grooming service

The dog grooming service begins with a personalized welcome to the sound of soft music and the smell of lavender.

Thereafter, the doggie will go to the bath. Our acrylic bath minimizes the dog’s reflex and the sound of water slapping that can cause your companion to panic. The bath descends to ground level, allowing your dog to board it by himself. Once inside, a non-slip platform will ensure their stability. A strap can be used to support dogs with special needs.

The animal will receive two shampoos including one with the hydro massager. This tool optimizes relaxation by exerting a jet that imitates a gentle massage, which cleans and hydrates your dog's skin and coat. Moreover, it is also very effective in removing dead hair. The device allows a pleasant and relaxing grooming experience. If the animal's hair allows it, there will be the application of a conditioner. All of our products are premium and healthy. We avoid chemicals as much as possible.
After the bath, we go to drying where we protect our ears, but also, that of your little one with a Happy Hoodies. Once this step is completed, we cut the dog according to its breed. We wash the ears, trim the claws and remove the hair under the paws, between the pads. Your companion goes home with a beautiful scarf and a smile.
Please note that if the dog shows signs of discomfort or ill-being, we stop regardless of the stage of grooming, because the comfort of the animal is our priority and we want it to have a pleasant experience.

Pricing is established according to the breed and weight of the dog.

Claw trimming service

Claw trimming includes shaving the paw pads.

Pricing is $20 plus tax.
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