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Presentation Marie-Christine-Tremblay

The person behind Pile-Poil, Spa Canin…

My name is Marie-Christine Tremblay and, you guessed it, I am the owner of Pile-Poil, Spa Canin & Boutique. Animals are my passion and it is for this reason that I have several certifications to my credit that demonstrate it.

As a child, I already knew that I wanted to work with animals. Like many children, the profession of veterinarian appealed to me enormously. However, I quickly realized that this job would be mentally difficult due, among other things, to the visits of sick, injured or end-of-life animals. Rather, I was looking for a job that would allow me to do good while developing a relationship based on trust with the animal.

So I continued my studies in Quebec, at Laval University, to obtain a bachelor’s degree in Biology with a concentration in animal physiology and animal ecology. This is where I acquired specific knowledge of certain groups of animals and deepened notions of ecology. In addition, I refined my knowledge of physiological functions such as muscle activity, reproduction, neuroscience and molecular.

However, the profession of biologist would not have allowed me to be in direct contact with the animal. There would always have been an intermediary. I could help the animal by modifying its diet or its ecosystem, but that did not allow me to access it.

One day, by chance, at a pet show, I came across a dog trainer. I immediately signed up for his course and, a few months later, I was certified as a dog trainer. It was the trigger. I wanted to spend my life with dogs! So I followed several other trainings to allow me to better understand this beast.
For their safety, I obtained certification in First Aid and CPR for pets through the Red Cross. Then, with the help of Zoo Académie and Jacinthe Bouchard, I obtained my certification in behavioral intervention for exotic animals. This training allowed me, among other things, to help animals to receive biomedical care on a voluntary basis in zoos and therefore to train any animal, as much the dog and the hen as the lynx.
From that moment, I was able to go and practice my knowledge at the Bioparc de la Gaspésie in training animals to receive their care and do some fun things for park visitors to watch. Back home, two options were available to me: apply to the Zoo de Granby or start a business of my own in the canine field.
So I decided to add a string to my bow. I went to obtain the behavioral and holistic groomer certification in Richelieu with the Catheline Nadeau grooming school. I had my second crush, after training, grooming. I was ready to go on my own. From there was born Pile-Poil, Spa Canin & Boutique.

I obviously continue training, because the living being is a science that evolves and I always seek to offer my customers the best possible service with the best techniques available. Recently, I obtained a certification in canine food, by the agronomist Karine Simard of Patte d’eau Bio in Quebec.

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